Achieving 9x the Tool Life of Conventional Finishing Operations

In 2010, Makino set out to overcome the traditional limitations of low metal-removal rates and rapid tool wear in the production of titanium aerospace parts. Its solution was titanium ADVANTiGE™ technology—an advanced titanium machining process solution that enabled four times the productivity and four times the tool life of traditional machining centers. Based on these game-changing capabilities, ADVANTiGE was recently honored with Aviation Week’s 2012 Innovation Challenge award within the manufacturing processes category.

“To be distinguished by Aviation Week’s Innovation Challenge is an honor, but our mission to provide manufacturers with the best in titanium milling solution and application support isn’t complete,” said Mark Larson, Makino’s titanium process R&D manager. “Our team of engineers is in continual pursuit of new ways for improving all aspects of the titanium machining process, and recently we’ve worked to achieve another improvement—up to nine times the tool life of traditional finishing operations.”

According to Larson, this dramatic increase in tool life is a direct result of improvements in surface finish from roughing and semi-finishing operations, as well as refinements to cutting strategy and programming. “This is just one more step forward for us in our commitment to improving the productivity and profitability of titanium aerospace part manufacturing,” said Larson.

ADVANTiGE is currently available on Makino’s T-Series 5-axis horizontal machining centers, including the newly available T2. Specifically designed from the ground up for high-efficiency titanium part production, this machine delivers the rigidity, dynamic stiffness, vibration damping and agility necessary for more productive titanium machining and longer tool life.

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