Product Spotlight
Makino Introduces a New Member To the MAG Family: MAG1. Designed for Parts Up To 1.5m.

Makino’s MAG series of 5-axis horizontal machining centers are specifically suited to meet the just-in-time manufacturing needs of the aerospace industry. The newest offering in this series is the MAG1, a 5-axis machining center designed to handle quick, high-precision aluminum production of parts up to 1500mm.

“The MAG1 was really the next logical step for our line of MAG series machines, providing the same accuracy and 5-axis benefits praised in previous MAG offerings,” says Tim Jones, horizontal machining center product manager for Makino. “For shops that deal with smaller aerospace components and are looking to save on floor space, the MAG1 offers the speed, accuracy, and overall efficiency necessary.”

The MAG1 is positioned to produce structural parts such as ribs, leading edges, and trailing edges of aircraft wing structures. The X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels of 1520mm by 1100mm by 1350mm allow for part sizes up to 1500mm by 1500mm and 1300kg. The MAG1’s construction features a three-point support system that eliminates leveling maintenance and reduces the cost of installation, and a 60-position automatic tool changer (up to 120 available), allowing continuous, uninterrupted machining.

The machine is equipped with a 33,000-rpm, 107-hp HSK80 spindle designed to easily access deep pockets that most other machines cannot reach. The A-axis rotates between +100 degrees and -110 degrees to provide full 5-axis roughing and finishing. The B-axis resides on the machine side (NCRT), allowing the spindle to access the front and rear of the part and allows for four-sided fixture strategies.

The MAG1 also features Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) control technology to allow for high-feed machining without losing accuracy, and monitoring software for users to keep constant watch on bearing temperature and vibration during cutting.

The standard coolant system includes spindle head and terrace washing, ceiling showers, and table washing, which enable the MAG1 to maintain part accuracies during long machining periods. A center trough chip-removal system assists high metal-removal operation.

To ease automation, the MAG1 shares the same pallet as Makino’s a92 horizontal machining center, allowing the machine to be integrated into a Makino Machining Complex (MMC2) automated pallet handling system alongside an a92 four-axis horizontal or other MAG1s.

For part sizes beyond 1500mm, Makino offers the MAG3 and MAG7. For more information on the MAG1 visit

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