Product Spotlight
Makino T-Series 5-Axis HMC Provides a Titanium Machining ADVANTiGE™

Makino’s new T-Series 5-axis horizontal machining centers with ADVANTiGE™ technologies are built specifically for titanium aerospace parts such as edge frames, pylons and bulkheads. These technologies can provide manufacturers with four times the productivity and double the tool life of conventional titanium machining centers.

“The T-Series with ADVANTiGE technologies are a powerhouse for titanium machining, capable of reducing part production times by 75 percent, while increasing tool life by 100 percent,” says Mark Larson, Makino’s titanium process R&D manager. “We’ve created a line of machines that will change the way people think about titanium machining, like our MAG-Series did with aluminum aerospace structural parts.”

The first machines of Makino’s T-Series include the T4 and T2 5-axis horizontal machining centers. The T4 provides X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 4,200 mm, 2,000 mm and 1,000 mm, respectively, and can hold workpieces up to 5,000 kg. For cylindrical parts like engine cases or smaller prismatic titanium parts, the T2 provides X-, Y- and Z- travels of 2,000 mm, 2,000mm and 1,800mm, respectively, and can hold workpieces up to 5,000 kg.

The T-Series HSK-A125 spindle is Makino’s most powerful spindle to date, providing higher torque, horsepower and clamping force than all predecessors. It features a compact direct-drive design that produces 740 foot-pounds and 133 horsepower of continuous output (1,100 ft-lbs, 200 HP peak). Compared to the traditional titanium solution (4,000-rpm gear spindle), the T spindle produces 1.3 times the torque and five times the horsepower. Because of the direct- drive efficiency, energy consumption is one half that of the traditional geared head solution. The HSK-A125 spindle interface and roller-bearing spindle support ensure high rigidity. The spindle delivers a maximum speed of 4,000 revolutions per minute. For applications that require both high-efficiency roughing and small-diameter finishing (fastener holes), an 8,000-rpm optional spindle is available. The A and C rotary axis increases part accessibility with a ± 110-degree A-axis rotation and a 360-degree continuous C-axis rotation. With a 10-rpm positioning speed, the rotary axis helps to reduce finishing times.

ADVANTiGE Technologies

Makino’s ADVANTiGE technologies overcome the traditional challenges of low metal-removal rates and limited tool life associated with titanium machining. By improving spindle performance, coolant delivery, vibration damping, machine rigidity and cutting strategies, ADVANTiGE is capable of four times the productivity and double the tool life of conventional machining technologies. ADVANTiGE technologies include Autonomic Spindle Technology that uses spindle sensors to measure displacement caused by excessive cutting forces; high-pressure, high-flow coolant for improved cooling, lubrication and chip evacuation; a vibration damping system to proactively reduce chatter and vibration; a Coolant Microsizer System that improves tool cooling and lubricity for extended tool life; and a rigid machine construction that suppresses vibration for reduced tool chipping and improved metal-removal rates.

Increased Productivity

The T-Series machines include an automatic pallet-changer system that provides continuous operation and eliminates costly downtime for part changeovers. These machining centers can also be integrated with an automatic pallet-transfer and storage system in a highly flexible Makino Machining Complex (MMC) for extended periods of unattended operation. This automation system assigns work and initiates operations automatically, maximizing spindle utilization for increased productivity.

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