Product Spotlight
Improved Roughing Speeds with Titanium Booster Technology

Makino introduces its new Titanium Booster Technology for sinker EDMs. This new technology addresses previous issues associated with rough machining, or “hogging,” large pockets or cavities in titanium. Accordingly, the new titanium booster technology has higher wear rates of expensive specialty cutting tools, previous slow EDM machining speeds and high electrode wear.

A 60-amp power booster and new machining conditions increase roughing speeds up to 80 percent while reducing electrode wear to nearly one-third of previous and existing EDM technologies. Graphite-based electrode material is used for processing, which eliminates the need for high-cost copper and copper tungsten materials. With increased EDM speeds, manufacturers can extend sinker EDM usage during titanium production for reduced tooling costs and greater part accuracies.

Makino’s Titanium Booster technology is available for all EDNC series machines and can be ordered with the machine upon purchase.